Design, layout and presentation

Design, layout and presentation

Not every visualisation can be created automatically – some need to be drawn by hand. In other cases, the charts and maps you make in other tools may need to be placed next to each together, tidied up or their style changed. This section profiles a set of tools to help you produce and publish your visualisations.

Free, open source web application for creating dynamic presentations.

Impress.js presentation

you can use the power of the web to make the most of your presentations.

free software for Linux and MacOS that can create rich and detailed timelines for your websites.


the timelines are visually pleasing and a good way explain a series of events. A timeline created with TimelineSetter will impress anyone visiting your website.

a free web service that lets you create simple online infographics and charts.

An example from

you can make professional looking charts and infographics in a couple of minutes.

free software for creating the layout of your publications.

Desktop installation

it's better for controlling how images are placed and displayed in a print publication than a word processor.

a free tool for drawing and working with pictures.

Desktop installation

it makes it easy to resize and edit pictures and photos for websites and posters.

a free tool for making slideshow presentations.

Open Office Impress
Desktop installation

you can create simple presentations to help you tell your story.

a tool for drawing and making illustrations.


you can sketch out ideas and diagrams quickly using lots of pre-made shapes, and easily change and re-arrange them and the graphics you make can be scaled to any size without loss of detail.

an online tool for making exciting-looking presentations.

Prezi Presentation
Online. Desktop installation.

it can make the most boring presentation bearable.

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